The Barn Heads – 2012

In a spontaneous flurry Will Gundy and I began building these barns from used bike boxes and other found materials. Working on an installation for the Smoke Farm Lo-Fi festival: Farm Time, we built with the intention of play always in the back of our (barn) heads. Within a day of the first built barn, the red one, I began shooting film again on my old TLR Yashica. Not having shot film in about 2 years, these are the latest in a strange and hopefully compelling narrative. What is the world like through the windows of a mini-barn? Is the experience for the wearer, the viewer of the archive, the passer by that witnesses the performance, possibly everyone? Still using humor, color and a sense of style, I go out with my friends and play. Always curious about the awkward, odd connections that perhaps live between fiction and reality.