Ceramics Exhibit – 2012


Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Previously on view at The Firm during March and April 2012

How do you read today? In a world of digital devices and information what role do books play? Considering the book as an object, perhaps even an inaccessible one, can we still revere them when much of our time is spent interacting with electronic screens?

By day I am a teacher. I have seen the card catalogues disappear from the libraries and students now ask to search for images on Google. Owning a smart phone these last eight months, I notice myself reading less and less from books, opting for quick info on Wikipedia and playing games with friends before going to sleep, where as I used to cuddle up with a book.

I wanted to make a show exploring the form and questioning its purpose. The digital age has changed our relationship to this item, going to bookstores, examining covers; even turning pages has become obsolete. These ceramic books will not open. Perhaps they are a symbolic reminder, a memory, a token of love for an analog world.

Will we some day forget about books? Will they be for some specialized population, gathering dust on shelves, encased in a vitrine to worship, possibly symbolizing a lost art?

This new work is my attempt to exemplify the form. To praise its worthiness, to acknowledge an object that is shifting in meaning and use from cave wall hieroglyphics to animal skin scrolls to paper to the cloud.