Creating Community at Sears 2008-2011

Using Sears as a format for archiving an event was a great way to infiltrate the corporate structure and participate in it. These portraits were organized from August of 2008 through June of 2011. For the color wheel series, each set of colors is from a photo shoot dedicated to that color. I sent e-mails to a large friend base, had my mother participate in all the photo shoots and by the end when we shot purple over twenty members of my family flew into Seattle to be a part of the project. For the Couples at Sears’s images, I invited couples to dress as twins. Looking for connections in relationships is another piece to this puzzle. For the final series, Sears in Black and White, I invited people from all the last shoots, but I also was less eager to work towards a large group. I put out a small invite on Facebook, and was intrigued with those who were excited to participate, but I didn’t feel the need to really push getting a large group.

This project started as a means to examine my loneliness, and find connections. A picture can be a lie, but it can also be the truth, the space between truth and fiction is most appealing to me. It’s a comment on Family and Relationships, the myth of family, what it means to belong, what corporations do to feed our need to belong, and about community, color and fun.